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I’m Leigh from Legacy Clothing Boutique.  Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with my online boutique.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an affinity for beautiful clothing.  To this day I remember being very young and the feeling I would get twirling around in a beautiful dress (usually a church dress) Even as a young girl far before the time of the internet I would scour the ads and catalogs always following the latest Trends.  I learned from an early age that quality really mattered and could be seen in what people wear.  Not just quality but, also fit. You can really compliment your figure if you choose styles that best compliment your unique body type.  Over the years my friends have always come to me when they needed help shopping and picking out outfits.  (I always loved helping them find just the right style that made them feel good about themselves.)  Many times, I already had styles and shops in mind and most likely had a discount code to pass along as well.  Because, while I love quality and designer pieces, I also Love the thrill of a good deal.

This lifelong love of fashion and making people feel good about themselves is really were Legacy Clothing Boutique began.  My vision for Legacy Clothing Boutique is that it is an online trendy boutique were people can have a one stop shop for all their beautiful on trend clothing, shoes, and accessories at the best possible price.  We are all so busy these days and barely have time to run to the grocery store much less time to go to the mall searching from store to store.  With that in mind I carefully select and curate collections for literally every occasion.  Whether you are going to a cocktail party, sorority rush, date night, or casual weekend wear.  We will have the perfect outfit for you! We carry boutique brands that you may already be familiar with including Love Stitch, Lush, Naked Zebra, Just Black Denim, Olivaceous, Wasabi and Mint, Just USA, and many more!  When you place your order with Legacy Clothing Boutique, you can feel confident that your clothing will be the best quality at the best price.  We know you have better things to do than spending your day searching for a sale.

I look at fashion as a way of telling a story.  You can really express yourself and who you are with clothing.  I love the way a stunning outfit can make someone feel more confident, which really makes their inner beauty shine.  I love the way a beautiful outfit can turn a bad day around.  You don’t need gorgeous clothes to feel good about yourself.  But I do appreciate the power a flattering outfit has over someone’s disposition.  Fashion is a beautiful powerful thing.  I love using fashion to build women up and make them feel good about themselves.  That’s what Legacy Clothing Boutique is all about, a Legacy of women lifting up, and empowering women to live their best lives!

We are located in Huntington Beach, California and pride ourselves in shipping out orders same day whenever possible.  We offer unique services such as special ordering for sororities or other social groups and are always available to answer any sizing questions you may have or to make fashion recommendations.  Please contact me @ 


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