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Animal Print

Girls just want to have fun and what’s more fun than an animal print fashion statement? I’m finding that I really can’t get enough of snake and leopard print. There are so many great ways wear this eye-catching style from your head to your feet. There is something really fun and maybe even a little glamourous about these looks.

When we ask ourselves how much we feel comfortable investing in this trend. I think its important to realize that animal print is here to stay. It’s more than just fast fashion. Leopard print has been iconic, dating back to Old Hollywood. Starlets would wear Leopard coats in the 20s and 30s. Leopard along with snakeskin print and other animal prints have been the craze many times over the decades.

It used to be that you might just wear your Leopard print with a solid black. Which is still a great look. But I find it interesting and flattering to mix Leopard with olive green, rust color, or even hot pink! Now it’s perfectly acceptable and on trend to mix patterns so you can layer your animal prints or mix your leopard print with stripes or other patterns. A favorite look of mine is a leopard midi with a vintage band T-shirt and some cool sneakers. You can wear your animal print with a chic city vibe, or you can go glamourous with a faux fur coat. However, you decide to style your animal print. You can’t go wrong and the style will be uniquely yours.